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All DVD’s are a minimum of 100 minutes. Having spoken to quite a few people, many say that some DVD’s are spoilt by unnecessary commentary over the film. All Strategic Reserve Films do not have any dubbed narration or music over the main feature footage. Once the opening titles and trailers are over with SRF believes all people want to see and hear is the footage at the location it was filmed. All running times whilst approx do not take into account titles and trailers to make the title sound longer than it is; it is based on actual footage.

SRF keeps the editing down to the minimum and does not use fancy effects to dress up the video.   

All DVD’s were copied from the master by a professional company and were not done “at home.”

All DVD’s were originally recorded on a digital hi-def camera (except Canadian Power 2003 – 2007 and East Lancs Railway, Diesel Power Unleashed). There may be slight pauses between a few of the chapters, this is normal.

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